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Question for all... First, as there was some unusual construction noise outside, the best medicine for keeping my Luna calm is to take him outside and see that everything is safe and OK; I did, Jadely came out as well for some sun and back inside, Luna quickly had a second dinner! I read once that decades ago, tortoises, I believe Russians, were tested for IQ in a maze and latsr it was realized that upping the temperature to 80 upped their intellectual abilities. My two seem to be more apprehensive of things after they have awakened and basked My theory is their metabolism and brainpower becomes "up" with the body temperature increase and they get "smart" enough to realize things like danger exists! OR, since they certainly instantly from waking have the smarts to compete with each other (...) occasionally, maybe it's just that they bask no matter what as they feel it important and then they allow themselves to broaden their scopes. Any opinions and does anyone else notice this in their torts?
Luna-RT male
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