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Not eating, change of environment
« on: June 28, 2019, 04:00:37 PM »
Hi, we just transported our Russian, Catalina, who we’ve had for 14 years, and who has always been healthy and relatively active, from Connecticut to Florida. (I got a job opportunity in FL that was too good to pass up.) Because we have a mini schnauzer in addition to the tort, we decided to drive (three days, staying overnight along the way in hotels). Catalina was transported in a large storage container in the back seat of the car, along side the dog. When we stayed overnights at the hotels, we hooked up her lighting fixtures so she got heat and UV, including the heat light at night. We attempted to make it as least disruptive as possible but we know it was a huge disruption for her. Now, we are at our new home in Clearwater, and Catalina is still in the plastic storage container with lights and heat getting turned on and off, but she won’t eat!! We’ve tried all the usual stuff: kale, mustard greens, her normal “pellets”, and even pieces of strawberry (which she’s gobbled up in the past). In a few days her “regular” enclosure will arrive, and she’ll be out of the Rubbermaid container. But should we be worried? It’s going on day 7 now, without eating. We know she’s gone through a lot: Travel, temperatures she’s not used to, a temporary Rubbermaid “home”,  but we were hoping by the time we were in FL, she’d be getting back to normal...any ideas?