Author Topic: Possible impaction in new, young tort. Hasnít pooped in the 13 days Iíve had him  (Read 74 times)


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Milton is my third and newest baby. My two females Iíve had over a year.

Iíve had him 13 days tomorrow. Iím definitely not a total newbie. Background: he is just over 4Ē, definitely male, and is housed separately from my girls. He always has clean water available. I have been feeding dandelions, Wild plantains, and turnip greens. He has a heat/Uv basking spot that gets to about 100 degrees. I soak him as well in warm water for 15-20 mins every few days. He seems to be an ok weight. Heís quite active but burrows in his cypress mulch and coco coke substrate and he has a log hide.

He has not had a bowel movement the whole time l have had him. I have checked and checked. Heís urinated/had urates once (maybe more?) and those were liquidy and normal.

I am bathing him more often and longer. No poop.

Can there be other symptoms of a blockage?

How long can they go without pooping and still be regular?

And finally.... how much is a reptile enema where you go to the vet? Iím very broke but no matter what it costs Iím going to figure it out.

Thanks in advance.